Our Partners

FODAG is grateful to its partners both within and outside South Sudan. Your support to the organization is critical to the realization of its vision. Our special thank you goes to:

National Endowment for Democracy (NED): Through NED funding FODAG is able to implement activities on Inclusive Peace Process in South Sudan. The program aimed at providing information to citizens on the ongoing peace process and creates avenues and opportunities through which citizens can provide feedback into the overall process. FODAG is able to provide and disseminate simplified versions of the Agreements signed by the warring parties including the Agreement on the resolution of conflict in South Sudan.

Mediators Beyond Borders (MBB): FODAG works in partnership with MBB to help communities affected by the conflict to recover. Through a project that promotes reconciliation and healing, FODAG works with group of women, youth and chiefs in areas of Mangaten and Mia Saba to mobilize citizens around the area and begin dialogue around reconciliation and peaceful coexistence. MBB through pool of experienced staff in trauma healing reinforces FODAG’s efforts by providing training in areas of mediation and trauma handling.

Democracy International (DI): Through funding from the United State Agency for International Development (USAID), democracy International shall provide grants to support FODAG implement a program on Empowering Civil Society capacity to promote citizen led accountability platforms. The funding shall enable FODAG select and train local CSOs in Western Equatoria and Western Bahr el Ghazel to spearhead advocacy around shared community problems and organize for citizen and government engagement forums where solutions to the problem can be sought. These platforms shall include asking members of national and state parliament to engage with citizens in their constituencies as well as lobby the executives to support citizens led programs.

National Democratic Institute (NDI); FODAG is grateful to NDI for supporting its staff capacity building program. Through NDI FODAG’s staff were able to access opportunities to reinforce its knowledge and skills in strengthening democracy in South Sudan. We are particularly appreciative of the recent continental engagement in which NDI and African Union brought together young people across the continent for a pre-forum in Kigali Rwanda; entitled ‘Youth participation and Leadership in political parties in Africa: Special Focus on Young Women’. FODAG involvement in the forum would indeed support the organization’s plans to support young people and particularly women as the country transit to elections in 2018.