Get Involved

Thank you for having the interest in getting involved in the work of FODAG. We are grateful that your contribution in whatever way would help support the organization in strengthening democracy and realizing a peaceful, stable and prosperous South Sudan. Please join FODAG in thanking our current funders and partners whose support has enabled FODAG rally citizens to participate in the political processes of South Sudan. We value any kind of contribution including those who may want to join our volunteers across South Sudan and beyond.

The following are some of what would constitute involvement in the work of FODAG

Financial contribution to any of the FODAG proposed or running programs

Technical assistance especially in areas that would help strengthen the capacity of FODAG staff in implementing and fulfilling its mandate

Non-financial resources like training materials, office equipment, etc.

Volunteering to join our team of committed staff and other volunteers in implementing our programs across the ten states in South Sudan.

For more information on how to get involved, please write to us at [email protected] or visit FODAG office located in Juba-Mobil Round About at the Union for the Physically Disabled building or call +211959000862

Thanking you in advance for being part of FODAG.