Welcome to the website of Foundation for Democracy and Accountable Governance (FODAG). We hope that you will find our work useful and join us in supporting and strengthening democracy in South Sudan. As a nonpartisan organization, we recognize the views and contribution of people like you towards the realization of our vision of working for Democratic Governance with an Empowered Citizenry. While South Sudan has been engulfed in almost endless conflicts, FODAG believes the path towards stability depends on building strong democratic institutions that are capable of supporting inclusive citizens based political process. As part of achieving this, FODAG engages in programs that promote meaningful engagement of citizen with their government. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that citizens are not only able to make their contributions towards issues of governance but also have the opportunity to hold their leaders accountable.

With your support we hope to make a strong case to justify the need to realize our vision. Thank you once again for visiting us and as always feel free to contact us at info@fodagsouthsudan.org

Jame David Kolok
FODAG Executive Director

Our Works


We provide leadership and strategic program design to all FODAG programs in South Sudan.


FODAG monitors and analyzes major political processes in the country and where appropriate provides recommendation for program changes.


We represent in key meetings with government officials, donors, NGOs, media and any other relevant gathering to the organization.

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